Become A Volunteer At Ti-Ratana

We want you to care for us, to love us, to tell us that though the dark clouds may have followed us all of our lives, the rain shall not wet us nor the thunder frighten us for you are there as our shelter, our protector, our guardian, our sun. We want you to tell us our lives mean something if only we work hard like everyone else. We want you to tell us to never stop believing in our dreams and ourselves.

We want you to tell us which way to travel when we reach the junctions of this journey called life. We want to see beyond the horizons and we want you to lend us your shoulders to stand on. We do not have much to give but our love in return. And when we do make it, it will be upon the hands that you had reached out to us when we needed so much to believe in this world. For that our hearts cry out tears of gratitude because your help is worth more than all the gold in this world.

Among the areas in which we are still in need of volunteers are as follows:

  1. Childcare Services
  2. Elderly Care Services
  3. Health care services
  4. Education
  5. Vocational
  6. Counselling and Motivational Development
  7. Public Relations
  8. Spiritual Events
  9. Events and activity, Team Building, Pot Luck,
  10. Recreational
  11. Recycling
  12. Housekeeping and Maintenance
  13. Sports and recreation
  14. Fundraising and sponsorship
  15. Information Technology
  16. Healthcare services


Interested to help?

If you are interested to help us, contact us at 03-79881818 / 03-22873800 or fax: 03-79881888.